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I am a copywriter & creative strategist focused on emerging technologies.

I turn complicated technical features into compelling content that sells

Most emerging tech startups face the same problem. Your audience doesn't appreciate your 'revolutionary' features. Technology is complex. You gain early users within your industry, but then struggle to 'cross the chasm' to get mass adoption.

This is because all products need a persuasive story. A compelling narrative that effectively communicates who you are and what you do. Great copy helps your startup stand out. It builds trust. It inspires.

Because people buy feelings, not features.

I can formulate your unique value proposition. I can improve your SEO ranking and social media visibility. I can cement your brand as domain experts.

And I will do that with blogs, website content, sales emails and memes.

Technical Background

I am not your average 'marketing guy'. I am an engineer with two master's degrees in science and strategy. Thus, I have a strong grasp of technical concepts to understand your USP.

I currently simplify decentralised finance (DeFi) for a non-crypto savvy audience.

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20+ Clients

I have a diverse writing experience across industries such as Blockchain, Chatbot, TeleHealth, Augmented Reality & IoT. I have worked for both B2B and B2C businesses. I have also led multiple marketing teams.

Some of my recent work:


Let me help your tech startup stand out

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‘Poly’ [ancient greek] means “much”


‘Gyan' [ancient Sanskrit] means “knowledge”

Become a Polymath.

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